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If you’re like me, you own a large number of modern devices in your home that, from time to time, will go on the fritz. And what do we do first when something goes on the fritz? We reset it! That’s where is website comes in. We bring you the most popularly searched instructions to reset some devices. When at all possible, I include a video demonstrating the process to help you reset your password or device.

Another closely related topic here is password resets. How many times have you forgotten a password to something and you need to reset it to the factory default? Again – we strive to answer all of your password reset questions at ResetGuides.com

Instructions are verified with the original manufacturers.

Site owner: Rick Blythe
Site owner: Rick Blythe

My name is Rick Blythe and I’m the creator of Reset Guides, your one-stop site for all your password reset & device reset guides.

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