How to reset a Miele Dishwasher

Miele is one of the brands with a drip pan and float switch. If the float switch is activated, the drain pump will run constantly and the washer will do nothing else.

Steps to reset the Miele Dishwasher-

  1. Turn on at On/Off button.

  2. Press and hold the Start/Stop button until the red light blinks.

  3. Press the On/Off button to Off, then back On.

    The Miele Dishwasher is now reset.

Most resets on Miele can be done by simply unplugging the washer for 5 or 10 seconds. This does not clear faults: it simply resets the CPU.

If you continue to experience difficulties, the Miele user manual can be found here.

Miele Dishwasher reset
How to reset a Miele Dishwasher