How to reset a Beko washing machine

Washing machines are amazing modern conveniences. Sometimes problems will occur, no matter how high-quality an appliance is. But they’re not immune to faults and malfunctions. If your Beko won’t start, there’s an easy reset process to follow. First, you should perform a general reset of the machine.

Resetting your washing machine

To reset your Beko washer, perform the following

Total Time: 1 minute

  1. Locate the start, pause and cancel buttons.

  2. Press them all down at the same time for around 3-5 seconds.

  3. Your machine should now be reset.

Beko washing machine
Locate the start, pause and cancel buttons

When should I clean the filter in my washing machine?

Ideally, you should give the filter a check every three or four months. It’s there to protect the drain pump and foreign objects could eventually clog up the system.

If none of the above fixes your washer, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer about a service call.

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