How to reset a Bose SoundLink

The portable audio products sold by Bose Corporation have been marketed as the SoundLink models. These wireless speaker systems are battery-powered and play audio over a wireless connection from a separate source device (such as a computer or smartphone).

If you have a Bose Wireless Speaker and you are having problems, or the speaker won’t connect to a phone, the Bluetooth connection is unstable, try resetting the speaker to factory settings.

Note: This process will remove all previously connected devices from the Bose Soundlink or Soundlink mini.

Your software may need an update

  1. First, check to see if the speaker is running the latest software version. To do this, go to Bose Software Update Center to check if your speaker is up to date.
  2. Second, if the speaker is up to date, perform a reset on the speaker and the device.
  3. Third, make sure you are connecting to the correct device in the Bluetooth menu.

If these steps do not help. You may want to head on over to the source. Bose makes all speaker instructions available on its support website.

Resetting the Bose SoundLink