How to reset the Nespresso Citiz

There are a few reasons why you might want to reset your Nespresso Citiz espresso machine:

  1. If you are experiencing problems with your coffee machine, resetting it may help to resolve any issues you are having.
  2. If you have not used your machine for an extended period of time, resetting it can help to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  3. Resetting your Nespresso Citiz can also be a good way to clear any error messages that may be displayed on the machine’s screen.

We’ve found the most common reasons why Nespresso machines stop working properly are either because they need descaling, or because they need to be reset back to their factory settings.

Perform the following steps in order-

To reset a Nespresso Citiz-

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Turn the machine off

  2. Press and hold down the Lungo button for 5 seconds.

  3. The LEDs will blink fast 3 times to indicate it has been reset to factory settings.

  4. The LEDs will continue to blink normally as the machine heats up until ready to use.

    When you see steady lights, your machine is ready.

Nespresso Citiz is a coffee machine that allows you to make espresso drinks at home with the touch of a button. With Nespresso Citiz, you can enjoy professional-quality espresso drinks without leaving the comfort of your own home. It is a compact mid-range coffee maker with a relatively large water reservoir. It heats up quickly, offers customizable brew sizes, and produces up to 19 bars of pressure. It’s also sleek, simple, and reliable.

Overall, resetting your Nespresso Citiz can be a useful way to troubleshoot problems, ensure that your machine is functioning properly, and restore default settings.

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