How to reset your Fitbit Inspire HR

Recently, you have been noticing that your Fitbit is freezing? If so, please try the soft reset, and if it doesn’t help then try a hard reset. This will solve all of your problems!

The Inspire HR can be easily restored with a simple factory restore or soft/hard reset. You may need to do this if the device is continually freezing or becomes unresponsive. The hard reset reverts back to basic mode while the factory restore puts everything back as it was when you first opened up the box.

Resetting the Inspire HR

Reset your Fitbit Inspire HR

Total Time: 2 minutes

  1. Attach the tracker charger to your Inspire HR.

  2. Turn on the fitness tracker.

  3. Swipe down on the screen until you find Settings, then tap the icon to enter.

  4. Scroll down to, and tap Clear user data.

  5. When prompted, press and hold the button on your tracker for 3 seconds to confirm.

    The tracker vibrates and the clock appears on the screen.
    The tracker is now reset.

How to reset a Fitbit

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In the unfortunate event that your fitness tracker will not reset, we offer the following Amazon replacements-