How to reset the Icom 7300

On some occasions, your Icom 7300 may exhibit odd behavior on the display. This may be caused by static electricity or RF in the shack.

NOTE: An ALL Reset clears all data and returns all settings to their factory defaults. Save memory content, settings onto an SD card before the All Reset.

Resetting the Icom 7300

Partial & Full Reset options

reset ic 7300
How to reset the Icom 7300

Remember: If you perform a firmware update, the process includes a full reset of the radio, so if you have made any changes to user settings that you want to keep, you should save them first on an SD card, and load them back in again after the firmware update. Also, remember that each firmware upgrade contains all previous upgrades.

Inside this video, we show you how to do an All Reset and Load your settings that you have saved back into the Icom 7300.