How to Reset Villager Trades

You can reset a Villager’s trades as many times as you want. Resetting trades is particularly helpful when you want to get certain enchantments.

To reset Villager’s trades, you’ll need to find their profession block. Once found and destroyed it will return that character back into an Unemployed State–which is where they were before becoming a villager in the first place!

  • Change that Villager’s profession. To do so, you just need to place next to them a different profession block
  • Reset the Villager’s trades. To do so, place the same profession block next to them

Finally, if you’re not interested in dealing with money, you can also trade goods directly with other players. So whether you’re looking to make a quick buck or just get your hands on some rare resources, trading is always an option worth considering in Minecraft.

Resetting a villager’s trades can be helpful in a few different situations:

  1. If you want to obtain a specific enchantment or item from a villager, you may need to reset their trades multiple times until they offer the item you want. This is because the items that a villager offers for trade are randomly generated.
  2. If you want to get the best possible trade from a villager, you may want to reset their trades multiple times to see which trades they offer. This way, you can choose the trade that is most advantageous for you.
  3. If you have traded with a villager and want to trade with them again, you will need to reset their trades in order to access their trading options again.

Overall, resetting a villager’s trades can be a useful way to get the items or enchantments that you want in Minecraft.

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