How to reset your Electric Scooter

You want your electric scooter to work at all times, but mechanical things sometimes go wrong and your scooter will stop working.

Most problems are common, and they might be included in your owner’s manual troubleshooting section. Some of them might be a little rarer. Regardless, read the following solutions for each issue so that you can diagnose and repair it yourself. Happy scooting!

How to reset your Electric Scooter
Issues may arise where your scooter no longer works

There are common issues that you might encounter-

If the Motor Does Not Run Follow the Following Steps

  1. Make Sure the power switch is on
  2. Check the fuse or circuit breaker
  3. Try pushing the scooter to start
  4. Try charging the battery pack for full hours
  5. Inspect the motor by sight, touch, and smell
  6. Test the fuse or circuit breaker and also the brake lever switch
  7. Try to test the Key Switch or Power Switch
  8. Also, test the Battery Charger and charger port
  9. Try to test the Battery Pack on A Scooter That Runs
  10. And then test the Battery Pack on A Scooter That Does Not Run
  11. Test the voltage of the battery pack
  12. Also, test the Throttle
  13. And lastly, inspect the speed controller and motor carefully

Electric Scooter Troubleshooting

If you have some experience with electrical systems or mechanics, then you won’t find repairing difficult. However, if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge of such kind, then it is better for you to ask for professional assistance.

Check the fuse or circuit breaker

  1. Make sure you check the electric scooter’s fuse or the breaker. The fuse may blow due to reasons such as overheating, overcharging. You can check the fuse or breaker by using a multi-meter.

Check the Battery

  • When the battery is low, you can turn on your machine but can’t get it running. This happens because the battery isn’t producing enough power to run the motor.
  • If you’ve got a dead battery, your scooter won’t even turn on and will be lifeless. It’s not going to respond at all. Check with a multi-meter. Of course, it may be your battery charger at fault. Test that with a multi-meter too.
  • If you can barely get the scooter to move or it won’t go at all when you touch the accelerator, then you may have an electrical controller or fuse problem. You may have an electrical issue, or the fuse might be blown or flipped.
  • When that happens, the engine can’t draw power from its battery, and the scooter won’t move. Usually, when that happens, it’s considered a mechanical issue. This means you will need to send it to a professional for repairs.